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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Enchanted Unicorn


The majestic shining mythical creature is extraordinary with its galaxy horn and its white furry
body and purple hooves.  The enchanted unicorn is soft like cotton candy and smells like
bubblegum. Her rainbow mane has a little smigit of glitter with a flowing rainbow 🌈 tail.

The unicorn leaps around and walks sternly and helps people through it’s magical horn.
 Although she is considerate of others, she likes to smell the perfumed flowers and look up at
the puffy clouds and sleepily daydream.

A whistling noise comes from her mouth as she struts along the forest  with the caramel
colored pathway. She has a miniature body and her texture is like a fluffy monster.
She leaps through the trees🌴 in a delighted manner.

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