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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

athletics day

Athletics day

Yesterday it was our annual athletics day and we always had lots of fun because the sandpit was raked and ready to be destroyed by our feet. The race track was set by our lovely helper Mr Mac Donald. Everything was ready for us to use and I was filled with anticipation because I couldn’t  wait. I was holding my fist because it was a beautiful sunny day.

We spilled out of the doorways and burst running to our house teams. We were super impatiently waiting for Miss Knowles to come out and tell all of us where we are going. I’m 8 so I was waiting to hear where all the 8 year olds were going to.   We got to go to the sandpit that was beautifully ready for us so we lined up with Mr Bambridge. (2 hours later) Finally it was my turn so I ran as fast as I could and I flung into the air and I basically came 4th place but they don’t count that. But I was very very close.

I was super duper excited to go to my next event and you guessed it, we all went to shotput.  We were with Ms Humphries. Again there was a huge line so….. (1 hr later) thank God it was my turn.  I got all my anger and pushed the shot put out of my hand remembering all the things Mrs Taege had taught me.  Now I went to the back of the line waiting for everyone to finish but apparently we did it twice, I don’t know why because I know I didn’t win. Well I know that Riha, Kiara and Angel won.

Next up we had fun relays with Mr Tomokino.  Mr Tomokino was taking the 9 year olds and Mr Mcmahon took us. First in relays we did running around the hoop and coming back. It’s pretty easy.  The other people went in our group doing it as fast as they could.  Then we did a different activity.  They gave us tennis rackets and a ball so we had to be as speedy as we could to balance the ball. We did lots so I’m going to skip some. Finally we got to do the sack race we stepped in the sack and hopped away. It was harder than I thought because you think you could walk but that tired me out.

Thank God guess what, I got a rest. I’m so happy I got to play with my best friend because our house groups were close to each other. My bestest friend in the whole entire world Justine. We talked about what we were going to do next and fun things.”Waiting waiting waiting” I sang. It’s starting to get boring because we could only talk but hold up, I found all of my friends because my house is Pukeko Pukeko. “Cheer for me but lots of my friends are in Tui so we all huddled up played with our spray drink bottles and had a blast.

“Oh great” I said with a sigh time for 8 year old girl to sprint. That’s me! I’m not a fan but all the house groups like Ruru, Kotare,Tui, Weka,Takapu and dun, dun, dun,...... Pukeko.  Well other people in pukeko because not me but we got called then lined up ready to go to our lanes.  For some weird reason I was nervous to do my sprint. I was sweating before you knew a it. I’m looking at the floor waiting for Mr Shinn to bang the piece of wood. He did it. I sprinted as fast as a tiger running for it’s prey and then I went for a rest.

After that glorious day I just couldn’t do any more,  I flung to the ground in exhaustion. All my bones were out of breath so I sat down gulping some water down to my lungs. Now our house group got up to our classroom waiting for the luscious ice blocks. “I can’t wait to make my body happy,” I said in excitement. Our ice blocks have come “YAY” I said. We sucked on our ice blocks then we got our bags heading home happily.

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  1. Angela, you are beginning to make sure that your writing is entertaining your audience. - Mrs T