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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beach Description

The soft dry sand is littered with tiny rocks and shells. Beside the sand are the crystal waves going up and down smashing the ginormous steep cliff. The entrance of cove is mysteriously dark and the trees are arching next to the cove. The sky is a luxurious blue with the white clouds on it.

The salty aroma across the ocean flies up above the sand. Rotten shellfish create a horrid wreak in the sun. The freshly smell of grass is overtaken by the beastly smell of rotten shellfish. But then the appetizing of fish n chips hits my nose also the seagulls get attracted by the fish n chips.

A soft and gentle breeze hits my face and the trees sway side to side. Caustic sand touches my face my body as if it is swirling like a tornado. Constant waves go back and forth hitting feet. Sweltering rocks are burning everybody's body.

There's nothing better than the brilliant beach of course. I love beach. I always get excited and i’m like “ dad can I go to into the water” That's how excited I get I know right. What’s your opinion on the beach?

This week we have been writing description's. In my writing I think I did a great job of my punctuation because I used dialogue.


  1. Great use of vocabulary - constant waves go back and forth hitting feet. - Mrs T

  2. I like how you used many adjectives! Great description Angela!