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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Character Description

Awful Auntie

Awful Auntie is the main character in a story called Awful Auntie. She has a young niece which is a girl called Stella. Stella is a girl who is 13 years old.

Awful auntie is really competitive in a game called tiddly winks she is a complete cheat one of her ways to get her to win is very harsh. She flicks one in the air when it’s not her turn. Awful Auntie is not a nice auntie because she is rude and horrid for example when she reads Stella’s bed time story they have horrible endings like when Goldilocks eats the porridge the bears eat Goldilocks.

Awful Auntie looks ugly because she wears old tweed cloths that look like pajamas and they look like they have been in suspicious location. Then she has a owl that eats horrible things like slugs and worms. It is a Great Bavarian Mountain owl.She also has flabby fingers which look very fat indeed. But she doesn’t just have flabby fingers she has chubby cheeks.

Awful Auntie also likes stuff to do for e.g lying she said this “all your bones are broken stella” but they were not broken.

1 comment:

  1. Angela, you have written a good description of Auntie Alberta. I love how you said her pj's look like they have been in a suspicious location. Indeed, her owl does eat horrible things! Well done. Keep working on your sentence structure and making sure it makes sense. - Mrs T