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Monday, May 15, 2017

W.A.L.T write an argument

H.D.S should bring pets to school

At H.D.S many students have pets. Halsey Drive School are not allowed to bring them to school. We think we should bring pets to school.   Children  should deserve to bring their pets to school and we have many reasons why.

One of the reasons that Halsey Drive students should bring guard dogs to school is because they can  protect our school.  They could  keep the school protected and they could scare bad people.

Another reason is dogs should come to school is because if you read to them you can  get better at reading. You can move up a level at school and when you come back the next day, your teacher will be happy.

The last reason is, if pets come to school they will make children who are sad happy again.  Children who have no friends to play could play with their pet or dog then everyone will be happy.

Overall  we think we have explained clearly that we should bring pets to school. We should bring guard dogs to school to protect our school. Pets are good for us to read to because they help us with our reading.  Also they can make children without friends happy again. Therefore Halsey Drive School must bring their pets to school.

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  1. Angela, you and Dillon had some good reasons for why you should be able to bring pets to school. Everyone should have someone to play with! Angela your next step is to make sure your sentence structure is correct. - Mrs T