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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wave pools

I felt so excited when we opened the double doors. I saw the hydroslide.  It was a green slide and  it looked like it was a slippery slope slide.  The slide shone from the light in the room. When we got into the wonderful wave pools we had life jackets on so we were floating. Then we went to the boat and when we got in we were paddling to get back. When we went to a different stage we were with Liam and Liam said, “Just come sit on the side then slide in.” Then we just did whatever we like just for a second then Liam happily said “let's do some floating.” I was scared.

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  1. Angela, ka pai! I like how you confidently included dialogue in your piece of writing. You need to make sure that what they say has a capital letter at the beginning. eg:Liam happily said “Let's do some floating.”