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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Comparing Taonga

We are comparing Lupe’s shells and Angela’s album of photo’s.
We are going to write about the similarities and differences of our taonga. A taonga means treasure in Maori.

The similarities between our taonga are that both taonga is special to us because they remind us of the past. They are both presented the same way. They  are both important to us.

The differences are that Angela’s taonga is 3 years old and Lupe’s shells  are 6 weeks old. Angela’s taonga is broken because it is ripped and Lupe’s taonga is not broken because it lives in a box. Lupe’s shells come from the sea and Angela’s don’t come from the sea.

We think our taonga are very important to us and we think that our taonga is special to us. We feel joyful when we look at our taonga.

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